Yağ sökücü üretim esnasında kullanımı makalesi

Yağ sökücü üretim esnasında kullanımı makalesi

Use of metal presses and degreaser products.

What is the use of metal degreaser during production presses.

Has a protective layer of fat on them is being shipped as raw metals.

While metals are formed in the protective layer of fat in times of machine construction as well as oil used in preparing the cutting and shaping metal to be processed more easily at every stage until the final stage when the final stages of machine oil vardır.Bu oil must be cleaned before painting.

Because an oily surface of the paint is not likely tutunabilme.

Even oily paint thrown on the floor and paints a very short time WILL throw.

The quality of a machine is measured in two ways for the sector of machinery and engines, and paint quality is measured by the quality of drivers.

Business at this time when the stage of metals must be painted before being assembled in merging or require the use of degreaser.

Proposed specialties here are to be considered before using the oil remover.

Article 1: Examination of the surface and search parameters should be used primarily metal and the metal surface structure and surface structure according to type of product chosen.

Examples: let us stands a apgant produced what we call the apgantın where hairs are usually considerably thicker black hair.

A certain amount of fat on cooling during manufacturing has been in movement.

They call this fat monster stereotypes is so very difficult, even with the tool you use to clean the oil before now söküyormuşsunuz degreaser, such as an ordinary akıtacaktır will definitely see where the black mark.

However, the ground will see that black hands because your hands While you drive, and so you only have received about 50 times the upper tabaksını make sure she washes with degreaser will still blackness.

Now the product selection stage, where you will experience the same result will still be alkaline product with a black future.

Zannedeceksiniz dismantled a very good product, you will experience acidic degreaser, but poured the paint flake paint after laying the first week.

The reason is clear with an acidic product such as oil films alamadağınız beyazlatacaksınız butter and oil in your hand, even if that oxidize and because it is oxidized and the acid will not know until the bottom layer by drying paint will take işlemiş nötürleme that the 2 hours you will receive a standard that no one can Even if you want nötürlemez acid

The bottom layer is not so committed will take approximately 2 hours to neutralize the machine on behalf of paint blistering paint within 1 year after you submit the average kalmadığını You'll see the place.

Solvent degreaser would be suicide to use black hair oil to the surface even try it adhere better to leave the oil sağlayacaksınızdır disconnect.

But the difficulty is not possible to use acid nötürlenecek health conditions and health of workers.

Content of the formulation must have a very good formulation will not occur again corrosive effect when you use too much oil for removal of alkali-caustic and is absorbed by the metal.

Phosphates, such as, but not be reasonable to use the formulation stpp ktpp Phosphate.

Notice that we use a simple cleaning degreaser product siyağ talking about the hair.

Now I know what you are asking here I will use your knowledge and your production pruning formula in your sector, your information is a study carried out in direct proportion.

Chemicals, industrial maintenance and protection in a sector that is very simple but so difficult.

How to paint a company's dropping of the difficulty of the work of a machine will sort of kick consider difficult situations.


Metal degreaser used in the production of varieties;

Alkaline degreaser, degreaser which is the general name given above pH 7.

Oil and carbon remover, pH 7 and above can be carbon neutral pH, such as highly caustic or solvent removers contain content available.

Acidic degreaser, such as the name suggests, the level of Ph ratios of up to five and six as a possible 1 ph alara

Preparing the metal surface; 3 makes the process at the same time (very important in the formulation), oil remover, rust remover, phosphate coatings together.

Cleaning thinner, too fast, this product is very dangerous, flammable and volatile hazardous substance users have tried the high premium paid for the SSK.

Metal degreaser solvents are derivatives.

chlorinated solvents, paint thinners, many groups, such as are sold under this name.

Supply is very difficult to very easy to take.

Are very serious penalties for companies who can dispose of waste.

So to prove that you have to Solvent organization licensed waste received, and a very serious penalties penalty kg 1 ton of waste; 80000.00 vicinity of tl.

After the procedure, the oil used at the final polish remover, paint a little in that does not harm the special gloss lacquer finish in the most important feature of the standard polish remover should not be fat.

Gloss finish paint must be done using a special dye is more suitable depending on the brand.

Concentrated degreaser, dilutable with water means that the standard oil remover degreaser.

Concentrated, tar and grease remover, solvent cement, or painted surfaces do not recommend use highly caustic temper.

There is not blended caustic solvent or tar remover, but prices alabileceklerinizin like it is now almost 10 times higher than in the sector.

Currently our products are sold to France, and tar and grease remover Concentrate fıransada 85.00 euro price of the product.

So a brief look at a price of caustic solvent degreaser made under the terms of the silicate is not possible to use the turkey.

Problem is the same for everyone who is doing the production of silicate systems still use a caustic because it is difficult formülsayonu silicate and silicate during production must go through certain processes in the formulation according to the kind of production you want to break in cold water, silicate silicate, a product so that it becomes too hard and damage the paint.

If you make a 45 degree hot on the product formulation, 44.6 (degrees below a certain amount of silicate, caustic suddenly broken down and there is definitely reason for businesses and silicate formulas breaks down so she can get the location.

silicate was not only possible to produce the product, because the silicate is very corrosive thus a product with a feathered phosphonates, and cationic surfactants, and then supplemented with fat remover as interference.

Concentrated degreaser over metal concentrate is the same logic with degreaser.

Parts washer solvent: solvent safe group for users of derivatives, there is no problem, but the band does not use a safe product approved without msds i always have a risk for selling and using.

The reason the above solvents (sellozik thinner, synthetic thinner, hexane, toluene, xylem, chlorinated solvents) to secure as you know the name of a product are considered carcinogenic invisible.

Approved our request and as a degreaser msds ask for this reason that the product is received.

Water-based degreaser, dilutable with water, oil remover, degreaser classic.

possible types of caustic additives doped phosphate, silicate, additives, solvent, additive, there are even natural bie.

I hope that has been useful.


Consult Mesa chemistry 2012

Written by: Muammar Sağlam.

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